Organizing committee

Executive Committee
President: Claude Fauteux
Vice-President – Finances and Ticketing: Stephen Boutin
Vice-President – Operations and Sport: Stéphane Bronsard
Vice-President – Communication and Public Relations: Patrick Godbout
Vice-President – Commercialization and Marketing: Anick Laprise
General Director: Brigitte Légaré

Organizing Committee
General Director: Brigitte Légaré
Coordinator: Alexandre Castanheira
Responsible – Commercialization: Pascal Moisan
Responsible – Accreditation: Fauziah Soundarjee
Responsible – Food and beverage: Nicole Provost
Responsible – Ice: Martin Beaudry
Responsible – Logistics: Guy Fagnan
Responsible – Race Office: Marjolaine Fontaine
Responsible – Security: Guy Vincent
Responsible – Ticketing: Stephen Boutin
Responsible – Transport: Marc Desautels et Robert Labrosse
Responsible – VIP and Welcoming: Carole Lefebvre
Responsible – Volunteers: Danielle Boulanger, Nancy Caissy et Marjolaine Fontaine